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No one should have to choose
between keeping their people
safe and getting product out
the door faster.

Lantech can help.


No one should have to choose
between keeping their people
safe and getting product out
the door faster.

Lantech can help.

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Load Guardian 2.0

New look, new features, same trusted Lantech reliability and durability.

  • Improved Algorithms
  • Redesigned Menu Structure
  • New Wrap Apps
  • Production Reporting
  • Customizable User Access
QL400 IMAGE FOR SLIDER 1_LG 2.0_32020

We are honored to be able to support essential businesses who are working around the clock to get products through the
supply chain during this critical time.

Our top priority is the health and safety of our employees and we would like to recognize, in particular, our factory workers whose commitment and discipline are allowing us to maintain business continuity. 

Thank you for your enormous contributions!

Lantech's COVID 19 Response.

Changing the way companies package
and protect their products for shipment.

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Fully automated systems. Turntable, straddle, ring and horizonal styles, capable of wrapping up to 180 loads per hour

Case Erectors

Case Erectors

Multiple machines to accommodate various sizes and speed requirements. Tape and glue options available.

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers

Turntable and straddle style wrappers capable of wrapping up to 40 loads per hour. Customizable to fit any application.

Case Sealers

Case Sealers

Multiple machine options to handle all types of flutes and walls. Tape and glue options available.

The Fundamentals

Just because there is film around a pallet of products doesn’t mean its unitized securely. And just because a box is sealed doesn’t mean it will protect the products inside. Understand the fundamentals of stretch wrapping and case erecting, and why it’s so important to get it right.

The Lantech Story

In 1972 Lantech made an impact on the world by inventing the stretch wrapper and changing the way companies package and protect their products for shipment.  Now, billions of pallet loads are stretch wrapped every year.  Today we build case and tray handling machines in the Netherlands, and stretch wrappers in the United States, with sales and technical support worldwide.  Over the years our business has been built on innovation, customer support and the mission to dramatically reduce shipping damage globally. 

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Global Support and Sales

With offices on four continents, two manufacturing facilities, and sales and technical support all over the world, you are never far from a Lantech packaging expert.

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We are looking for motivated people who are willing to constantly improve. Join the Lantech team and become a vital part of our future as we continue to expand across the global marketplace.



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