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Industry Applications 

We understand that stretch wrapping pallets of carbonated soft drinks, brick and block, prime cuts of livestock, buckets of paint, thousands of eggs, and even long extrusions are all very different requirements. That’s why we talk in terms of finding the right stretch wrapper for your industry and your specific application.

Examples of Industries We've Served

These are just a few examples of the industries Lantech products serve. To explore a specific industry click on the Learn More links below.
We will be adding more industry content in the future so check back periodically. 


Brick & Block

Learn what equipment is best used for the industry.

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Entire industry review and how Lantech equipment overcomes challenges of fragile loads.

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Towel & Tissue

Read the eBook to understand how to stretch wrap products like paper towels better.

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Health Care

Find out how one company reduced their operating costs by an estimated $750,000 per year.

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Pet & Livestock


Household & Automotive



Converters & Printers


Industrial Chemicals



Machine Builders





Beverage Industry Resources:

PET wrapping guide non CTA
3 Things You Need to Know About Stretch Wrapping PET Bottles

Bottled water is one of the most difficult products to unitize securely. We have the answers. Download our guide to effectively wrapping pallets of single-use PET bottles.

Learn More

white paper non CTA
White Paper - High Speed Stretch Wrapping Water Bottles

Understanding and overcoming the challenges associated with wrapping bottles of water, in a high speed setting. 

Download the White Paper

bev image
Beverage Industry Case Study

Learn how Lantech's machine features helped this beverage company wrap at high speeds while still maintaining containment force, reducing film breaks and lowering film usage. 

Download Case Study

Other Resources

cf chart non cta
Containment Force Recommendation Chart

Every load requires a different amount of containment force. It is important to consider things like load weight, stability and fragility. Use our recommendation chart to see where your loads stack up.

Download Chart

3 things info non cta
3 Things You Must Know About Stretch Wrapping

This infographic is a nice reminder that just because there is film around a load, doesn't mean it is safe-to-ship. Print out this poster to remind yourself of the downside of poorly wrapped loads.

Download Infographic