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    Load Guardian

    A LeanWrap® Feature

    A patented control system that will create, maintain and deliver safe-to-ship loads every time!

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    Load Guardian is Lantech's patented control system that creates, maintains and delivers the right containment force for safe-to-ship loads every time. It minimizes operator interaction and eliminates
    the guess work for stretch wrapping any load configuration.

    Load Guardian:

    • Creates and saves profiles (at start-up or whenever
      you need one).
    • Maintains profile standards automatically.
    • Delivers the right amount of containment force everywhere
      on the load, every time.
    • Eliminates the need for operator skill and involvement.
    • Produces a knowable and repeatable film cost.

    Stretch wrapping is hard to do well.

    We define damage as any change to "as made condition" that reduces customer satisfaction. Without the right amount of containment force, your loads are at risk of damage. But how do you know? The problem is wrap quality is hard to see and hard to fix. Stretch wrappers require operators to make at least 12 decisions to achieve the required amount of containment force at the lowest film cost. The effects of each decision are invisible and tedious. Through our 10 years of field study and thousands of audits, we have identified there is a serious gap between the actual wrap quality and expectations.

    With Load Guardian, operators don't need the skill or knowledge to stretch wrap
    a safe-to-ship load. Load Guardian intuitively guides users through the profile creation process, using recognizable icons and smartphone-like simplicity to calculate the right containment force. Once the profile is created, it is saved for later use. 

    Load Guardian is intelligent wrap setup.

    Creates Maintains Delivers Icon

    Creates, Maintains and Delivers Safe-to-Ship Loads

    Intuitively guides users through the profile creation process, similar to a smartphone, and calculates the optimal wrap pattern with the right containment force. The profile is then
    saved for later use.

    Eliminate Need Icon

    Eliminate The
    Need for Operator Involvement

    The single tap profile selection eliminates the consequences that can occur when an operator has to make 12 difficult decisions to stretch wrap a load.

    Film Budget Icon

    Produces Knowable and Repeatable
    Film Costs

    The chosen profile will wrap with the same pattern every time. Because of this film usage doesn't fluctuate and can easily be budgeted.

    Load Guardian is exclusive to Lantech stretch wrapping equipment.

    SLAutomatic (4) (1)

    Load Guardian is available on Lantech automatic and semi-automatic  L Series stretch wrappers.

    • RLA - fully automatic ring style stretch wrapper for ultra high volume, up to 180 loads per hour. Add Auto Roll Change for increase productivity!
    • SLA - fully automatic straddle stretch wrappers for medium to high volume, up to 100 loads per hour.
    • QLA - fully automatic turntable stretch wrappers for low to medium volume, up to 70 loads per hour.
    • QL400 - semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper for lower volume users, up to 40 loads per hour. Only available in North America.

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