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    Metered Film Delivery®

    A LeanWrap® Feature

    The new standard in film delivery systems!

    Lantech Metered Film Delivery System Image 1117

    Metered Film Delivery® is the latest advancement in film application. The new algorithms provide precision film application and respond faster to overcome the problems of conventional delivery systems.

    Metered Film Delivery®:

    • Delivers double the wrap force per revolution of film.
    • Reduces film breaks.
    • Does not crush or twist the load.
    • Wraps to the core of the film roll.

    Don't use old technology to do today's job.

    Loads are harder than ever to stretch wrap with more display ready loads, more cost cutting measures to reduce packaging, and more sustainability initiatives. 

    Old stretch wrapping technology hasn't kept up with this new challenge of fragile loads. Wrapping with too much force can cause the load to twist or the product to crush, damaging the product before it even gets out the door. Too much force can also lead to an increased amount of film breaks, frustrating operators and causing them to make changes to the stretch wrapper settings. Wrapping with too little force can lead to increased film usage to achieve the right amount of containment force, or a load that is destined to fail during transit. 

    Metered Film Delivery® is an exclusive LeanWrap® feature designed to wrap today's loads effectively while addressing the primary causes of film breaks, thereby eliminating waste, downtime, operator frustration, and reducing the risk of shipping damage.


    Metered Film Delivery® is exclusively on Lantech stretch
    wrapping equipment.

    Lantech Stretch Wrapper QLAuto Roll Carriage and Clamp 1216

    Double the
    Wrap Force

    • Get more containment force using the same amount of film.
    • Wrap loads tighter and use less film.
    SLAutomatic with MFD-1-1

    Film Breaks

    • Reduce operator adjustment and frustration.
    • When film breaks are reduced, bad things stop happening to containment force, the quality of the wrapped load, and uptime.
    MFD No Crushing Twist Load Image-1

    No Crushing or Twisting of the Load

    • Easily wrap loads that were once difficult or impossible to wrap well (ex: paper towels, order picked loads).
    • Wrap with more force without damaging the product.

    Metered Film Delivery® is only available on Lantech's L Series automatic stretch wrapping equipment.


    L Series stretch wrappers are equipped with our exclusive LeanWrap® technology. This technology helps our customers wrap their product loads better at the lowest cost while dramatically reducing the risk of damage during shipment.

    • RLA - ring style stretch wrapper for ultra high volume, up to 180 loads per hour. Add Auto Roll Change for increase productivity!
    • SLA - straddle style stretch wrappers for medium to high volume, up to 100 loads per hour.
    • QLA - turntable style stretch wrappers for low to medium volume, up to 70 loads per hour.

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