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Our Culture

A Social Experiment That Worked

The history of Lantech began over 45 years ago with two brothers who knew there must be a better way to run a manufacturing company. It was, in their own words, kind of a “social experiment” running totally counter to trends of the time. Listening to and involving employees at all levels of decision-making was encouraged. It was radically different from the traditional managerial/employee model of the last century.

At the core of this is the belief that helping people grow, building on their strengths and interests, does more than just result in a better stretch-wrapping machine or case erector.

CEO Jim Lancaster notes that, “Our people are able to take what they learn here and use it to make a difference in the community – whether it’s coaching their son’s softball team or leading their church.  We’re helping people become better human beings in addition to making better equipment.”

What Lantech Associates Say:

  • The enthusiasm that Pat and Jim bring to work every day is really infectious. - Robert Boston, Product Development Engineer
  • There’s a culture here, there’s a family. It always has been and I can never image it being anything else. - Caroline Castelli, Director of Sales Training Development

  • I am thankful to be here at Lantech, and to be part of this. - Greg Bauer, Product Development Technician
  • There is an overwhelming sense of respect that everyone has for each other here. - Mike Dippolito, Project Manager
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Feels Like Family

It’s a culture that makes people feel good about coming to work every day and attacking challenges together. A work family.

Two words: Loyalty and respect. The loyalty of a family-owned and operated company to do what’s best for its employees, and employees who, in turn, always focus on what’s best for the customer. And a culture of mutual respect that is pervasive from the receptionist’s desk to the factory floor, to management, and naturally extends out to our customer base.

Director of Sales Training and Development Caroline Castelli, calls Lantech “my other family.” It’s a sentiment heard over and over again from over 500 employees.

Mike Dippolito, Project Manager describes the feeling when he walks through the door at the start of the day as, “Good energy. It’s my second home. It’s a positive environment. We’re best at doing what’s right for the customer, because we’re best at doing what’s right for our employees.”

Tony Migliavacca, National Account Manager describes the company as “an amazing culture – we’re helping each other, we’re excited about being successful and helping other people be successful. It’s from the top down, it’s caring about really making a great product, and caring about the people who do that. Caring about those people is what makes it a good product. It’s real. It’s genuine. Everyone feels mutually respected.”

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