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    Pallet Grip®

    A LeanWrap® Feature

    Keep loads from sliding off their pallet with a film cable!

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    Sudden stops, starts or constant vibrations can cause loads to slide off their pallets unless you do something about it. Lock your load to the pallet with Pallet Grip®.

    Pallet Grip®:

    • Rolls the bottom film web into a tight cable.
    • Drives the cable down just below the top boards of a pallet.
    • Avoids punctures to film caused by forks.

    20 million loads slide off their pallet each year, resulting in
    $6 billion in damaged products.

    Millions of loads slide off their pallets during shipment each year causing billions of dollars of rework and waste. If your load isn't properly bonded or "locked" to the pallet, it can slide off and be damaged during shipment.

    Stretch wrapping all the way down to the bottom of the pallet isn't enough. Puncture holes in the film - caused by the forks of a forklift or pallet jack - may spread up the load and jeopardize the integrity of the wrap, leading to shipping damage.

    Pallet Grip® is compatible with all pallet types.

    Why take unnecessary risk? Lock your load to the pallet.

    Pallet Grip Roll Up-1-2

    Roll Up

    Pallet Grip rolls the bottom 3-6 inches of film webs into a tight cable during the last seconds of the wrap cycle.

    Pallet Grip Drive Forklift clearance

    Drive Down

    The cable is placed (driven down) just below the top boards of the pallet, low enough to lock the load, yet high enough to avoid forks.


    Avoid Punctures

    If wrapped to the bottom of the load, forks of a forklift or pallet jack will puncture the film, jeopardizing the integrity of the wrap and can propagate up the load.

    Pallet Grip® is available on most Lantech stretch wrappers.

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    Lantech offers a variety of stretch wrappers to accommodate any load size, style or application requirement. Explore both our semi-automatic and fully automatic stretch wrappers.  

    • Semi-Automatic stretch wrappers - straddle and turntable style stretch wrappers that can wrap up to 45 loads per hour. Pallet Grip is available on all machines, except for the Q250.
    • Automatic stretch wrappers - straddle, turntable, ring and horizontal style stretch wrappers that can wrap up to 180 loads per hour. Pallet Grip is available on all models, except for the Lan-Ringer.

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    Pallet Grip is the securement solution for the Association of American Railroads

    The AAR's Damage Prevention & Freight Claim Committee approved Pallet Grip because of its proven ability to prevent damage.

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