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Learn About Our Built Tough Warranty or File a Claim


Warranty Period:

  • Q-Series Semi-Automatic: 5 Years
  • G-Series Semi-Automatic: 3 Years
  • Q-Series Automatic: 3 Years
  • S-Series: 3 Years
  • Case Erector/Case Sealer: 3 Years
  • Conveyors: 1 Year
  • Lan-Ringer: 1 Year
  • Replacement Parts: 1 Year
  • Machine Upgrades: 1 Year

Covers All Parts, Unlimited Cycles

Most parts under $250 need not be returned, and we pay
standard ground shipping costs on replacement parts.

Warranty Extensions:

Warranty Extension is available for new machines and for existing machines currently within their original warranty periods.

(The above excludes Q-Series Semi-Automatic)

Lantech: Built Tough

For information about your warranty:

Call us at: 502-815-9101 Email us at Lantech Email


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Learn about our built tough warranty or file a claim.


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