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Stretch Wrapping Single-use PET Bottles

Single-use PET bottles, commonly used for bottled water, are among the most difficult products to unitize securely. With the product's razor thin margins and a drive to improve sustainability, companies are looking for ways to reduce primary and secondary packaging materials and ship without damage.

Challenges we have uncovered to stretch wrapping single-use PET bottles, such as water bottles:

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Reducing primary packaging materials create loads that are unstable and fragile.

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The "slosh" factor. Water weight shifts suddenly and constantly when picked up by a forklift or when in-transit. This causes an uneven weight distribution that leads to loads sliding or shifting off the pallet.

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Film breaks or product crushing causes operators to tweak stretch wrapper settings, resulting in inconsistent and ineffective stretch wrapping.

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Film tails tend to get caught in downstream equipment, causing downtime for highly automated facilities.

After defining the challenges associated with wrapping single-use PET bottles, we created three resources that define what a safe-to-ship beverage load is and how Lantech features help achieve it.

Single-use PET Bottle Industry Resources

PET wrapping guide non CTA
3 Things You Need to Know About Stretch Wrapping PET Bottles

Bottled water is one of the most difficult products to unitize securely. We have the answers. Download our guide to effectively wrapping pallets of single-use PET bottles.

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White Paper - High Speed Stretch Wrapping PET Bottles

Understanding and overcoming the challenges associated with wrapping bottles of water, in a high speed setting. 

Download the White Paper

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Beverage Industry Case Study

Learn how Lantech's machine features helped this beverage company wrap at high speeds while still maintaining containment force, reducing film breaks and lowering film usage. 

Download Case Study

Lantech's exclusive stretch wrapping features provide solutions for common industry challenges.

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Metered Film Delivery®
A method of applying film to loads at a higher tension per revolution (compared to demand-based systems). This film delivery system reduces film breaks, prevents crushing or twisting the load, and wraps to the core of the film roll.
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Load Guardian
An intelligent control system that automatically sets and saves wrap setting based on the characteristics of the load. If an operator alters the settings, Load Guardian automatically makes the appropriate changes in the wrap pattern to maintain the pre-established containment force.
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Pallet Grip®
A 3-6 inch film "cable" keeps products for shifting or sliding off the pallet during transport. The cable is placed right below the top boards of the pallet, so there is no risk of forks puncturing the film when picking up the load.
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Load Seeking Clamp®
The bladder-style technology holds the film with three times the force of thinner clamps which drastically reduces the risk of film pulling out of the clamp. It also moves out to the base of the load, controlling the leading and trailing film tails, while providing tighter base wraps.

3 Great Machine Options for Beverage


Good Water Load

The amount of loads wrapped per day, budget and space availability will dictate what Lantech stretch wrapper is right for you.

  • SLA - fully automatic straddle stretch wrapper, capable of wrapping up to 110 loads per hour.  

  • RLA - fully automatic rings style stretch wrapper, capable of wrapping up to 180 loads per hour.

  • QL400 - semi-automatic turntable stretch wrapper, capable of wrapping 20-40 loads per hour.

Other Beverage Industry Resources

Drag Chain Video Clip Image
Stretch wrapping Beer? What a buzz kill. 

In high volume beer distribution centers, efficient loading and unloading and effective stretch wrapping is a must. See how our Low-profile Drag Chain Conveyor system can overcome challenges associated with plastic pallets and unstable, slick loads.

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Hard Cider Image
'Hard' to Keep Up - Case Study

Cider was once the fastest growing alcoholic beverage category. Producers were having a difficult time keeping up with demand and getting products out. This hard cider producer improved productivity and saved money with a semi-automatic stretch wrapper.

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