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Explore Stretch Wrappers

Struggling to get products out the door? Our full line of stretch wrappers reduces the amount of labor needed to wrap safe-to-ship loads,
making physical distancing easier, while keeping up with capacity needs. How can Lantech help you?


Semi-Automatics — wrap 20 - 40 loads per hour; 
choose the right semi-automatic stretch wrapper for your application.

Lantech Q Semi EZWeigh Scale


Q Series

Our most popular stretch wrappers. Exclusive productivity features.



S Series

Best choice for lightweight,
heavy, tall and unstable loads.



G Series

Wrap up to 20 loads per hour on a low cost, professional quality machine.

Automatics — wrap 45 or more loads per hour;
choose the right automatic stretch wrapper for your application.

Q Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper


Q Automatic

Low to medium volume.
Up to 70 loads per hour.

S Automatic Straddle Stretch Wrapper


S Automatic

Medium to high volume.
Up to 100 loads per hour.

RL Automatic Ring Straddle Stretch Wrapper

Ring Straddle

RL Automatic

Ultra high volume.
Up to 180 loads per hour.

Lan-Ringer Automatic Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

Horizontal Wrapper


For a variety of load shapes and sizes.

Stretch Wrapping Tissue and Paper
Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrapper Buying Guide
Stretch wrapping is the solution. Find out why.

Stop the Bleeding!

In the Single-Use Industry's Supply Chain.
Three things to know about recovering lost profits avoiding brand erosion.

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Beverage Industry Case Study

Stretch wrapping pallets of any beverage is hard to do well.

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