• Pallet Grip rolls the bottom 3-5 inches of stretch film into a tight cable, as opposed to folding the film, during the last seconds of the wrap cycle. The cable will never unravel.
  • The cable is driven down to be placed just below the bottom boards of the pallet, low enough to lock the load, yet high enough to avoid the forks from pallet jacks or forklifts.
  • Pallet Grip locks the load to the pallet, keeping it from sliding off during transport.

Roll Up, Drive Down

With Pallet Grip, Without Pallet Grip

Available on all automatic and semi-automatic stretch wrappers (except Q250)


Just Announced!
Pallet Grip is the securement solution for the Association of American Railroads!
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Locking your load to the pallet is just 1 of 3 elements of a safe-to-ship load. Having the proper containment force is essential.

Do you know how much containment force is right for your loads?

Download the Containment Force Recommendations Chart