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Hand wrapping is the worst job in most factories. It is dangerous and likely costing you more than you think.

  • Hand wrapping is dangerous.
    Injuries similar to those suffered from hand wrapping are the #1 cause of non-fatal workplace injuries; and often require 5 days off work.

  • Hand wrapping is hard to do well.
    Wrap quality is inconsistent from pallet to pallet. It is nearly impossible for a human to wrap as well as a machine does, every time.

  • Hand wrapping is expensive.
    Hand wrapping doesn't just produce inconsistent film costs, but can cause products to get damaged during shipment, resulting in rework and strain on business relationships.

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Product damage can negatively impact business relationships and leads to expensive rework.

With a machine you can wrap tighter which means safer.

Your reputation rests on what you deliver to your customers. Make sure your pallet loads are safe to ship. The Patent Pending G Force Film Deliver System combined with easy to understand and use controls, gives you professional results on every load.

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G Series Stretch Wrapper Controls

The G offers the same Lantech quality for the low volume user.

No compromises! Legendary Lantech durability and performance built into every G Series stretch wrapper, backed by a 3-year ulimited cycle warranty and our Satisfaction Guarantee:

Lantech's goal is that you are completely satisfied with the purchase of your G Series stretch wrapper. If for any reason you are not satisfied, please let us know why by calling the Lantech Service Team:
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Upon receiving your request, our Service Team will act promptly to achieve your satisfaction.