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Most measuring tools have proven unreliable; some up to 30 percent inaccurate. The need for greater accuracy and ease of use led Lantech to develop the CFT.


Structurally similar to the CFT-5, the CFT-6 minimizes reading variation and is easier to operate at the top, middle and bottom of the load.


CFT-6 Tool & Bag
Item #: 30209863
Tool and bag only sold separately in the U.S.


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The CFT-6 helps you achieve load stability by getting containment force right. 


Containment Force Tool Kit

CFT-6 Tool Kit

Save time and ensure you are getting the best results with the Containment Force Tool Kit from Lantech. The kit includes:

  • The New & Improved Lantech Containment Force Tool CFT-6
  • Pre-stretch Marking Device with Markers
  • Film Scale
  • Tape Measure
  • Box Knife
  • Easy-to-Carry Bag

CFT-6 Tool Kit
Item # 30209864

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Key Upgrades:


Containment Force Tool Measuring

Measuring cable, made
of hard plastic:

Doesn't sag or get tangled during use.

Containment Force Tool Measuring

Color-coded feature that shows when the indicator foot is in contact with
the film:

Frees the operator from having to monitor two functions simultaneously.

Containment Force Tool Measuring

Redesigned digital scale:

Easier to handle
and operate.

Containment Force Tool Measuring

Three measurement
display modes:

Pounds and ounces, kilos, and tenths of a pound.


Three operating modes include a "Peak" reading:

Eliminates readout fluctuation.


CFT-6 Leaflet


CFT-6 Instructions



Additional Resources

Watch the CFT-6 Instructional Video.







The CFT6 scale contains lithium metal batteries. Scales will be shipped without batteries to countries that have banned lithium batteries.