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Case, Tray and Lid Total Control System

The unique design of Lantech's case erectors and sealers, tray formers, and lid applicators produce perfect 90 degree angled corners, without jamming.

Nearly all machine jams can be traced directly to 4 primary problems:

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Blanks are not fed correctly into the machine.


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Irregularities in the blank from the carton supplier.

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The mechanical forces of opening the case and folding the flaps.

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Transporting the formed case through the machine.

Lantech's case, tray and lid equipment provide 100% precise control through the entire forming process. The proactive system where blanks are pulled into their next position versus being forced ensures the case performs as designed and is produced with maximum efficiency.

5 exclusive components that make-up our Total Control System.

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Blank Delivery Control System

Powered magazine infeed belts precisely govern the delivery speed of the case blanks to the pick-up arm, avoiding the first jam point when blanks are not fed correctly. The magazine also provides easy, walk-in loading.

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Blank Separation System

A system of multiple separation retainers ensure the blanks are spaced correctly and enter the machine one at a time, in a vertical upright position precisely at the time the pick-up arm is ready to capture the blank.

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Square Case Delivery System

A hinged pick-up frame with eight vacuum powered suction cups firmly grips two panels of the case to ensure square case creation. While the case is held at a 90 degree angle all flaps are folded and locked in the shape.

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Stationary Flap Folders & Pusher Bar

All flaps are folded while the case remains stationary and utilizes only a single pusher bar to slide the squared case into the exit side belts, maintaining 90 degree angles and minimizing the resistance forces on the case.

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Spring Loaded Side Belts

Synchronized motors and the spring load feature of the dual-side exit drive belt accounts for variability in the width of the case, maintaining the square footprint without crushing the case as it is pulled across the bottom closing unit.


Explore our Case, Tray and Lid Equipment

Lantech offers a variety of case, tray and lid equipment to satisfy any need. Our modular machines can be customized with options and we even offer complete packaging systems.

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