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Square Lids & No Jams



Available Options

  • High Speed Increases speed to maximum of 15 lids per minute. Please contact Lantech for details.
  • Communication Various communication configurations possible. Please contact Lantech for details.
  • Stainless Steel Frame or Components Please contact Lantech for details.
  • Exit Height Extension The exit height of the trays can be extended.
  • Extended Magazine Increases the number of blanks the magazine holds.
  • Custom Options Many options available for case types and dimensions, speeds, closing methods, machine frame and magazine, and machine performance data communications are available. Please contact Lantech Customer Support if your requirements are not satisfied by the options published on this page.
  • Beacon Colored lights indicate the status of the machine, blanks supply, and tape or hot melt supply.
  • Acoustic Signal An alarm sounds to indicate the presence of a fault condition.
  • Non Standard Tray Styles and Dimensions Increases speed to maximum of 20 trays per minute. Please contact Lantech for details.


  • Throughput Speed Up to 15 lids per minute
  • Lid Size Minimum (Outside Dimensions) 285 mm L x 205 mm W x 40 mm H (11 1/5" L x 8 1/16" W x 1 1/2" H)
  • Lid Size Maximum (Outside Dimensions) 600 mm x L 400 mm W x 70 mm H (23 5/8" L x 15 3/4" W x 2 3/4"H)
Lid Criteria
  • Lid Types FEFCO 0452/0453
  • Wave Types B, C, E Wave or combinations
  • Wall Types Single & double wall (test for multiple wall)
Stacking Edge Closure
  • Closing Method Robatech/Nordson
Service Requirements
  • Air Supply 6 Bar (80 psi)
  • Electric Service 3L-PE-400V-50Hz-Neutral (230V, 3ph, 60Hz, Wye w/ Ground)
Machine Data
  • Weight 1050 kg (2300 lbs.)
  • Dimensions 2800 mm L x 1480 mm W x 2500 mm H (110 1/4" L x 58 1/4" W x 98 7/16" H)
  • Blank Magazine Capacity 280 Blanks (approximate)
  • Duration 3 Years (unlimited cycles)

More Options Available, Contact Lantech